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Break the Stigma

Don't Let the Stigma Break You.

Have you ever felt anxious or depressed in a stressful situation?

If you have, did you ask for help or do anything to help lessen that feeling of anxiousness or depression?

Mental Health should have just as much, if not more, importance as physical health. It is something that it totally normal. They are natural responses to things us, human beings, have been through. So why does it seem like being a human being is not normalized anymore?

"Mental health is an integral part of health; indeed, there is no health without mental health". - World Health Organization

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Our Mission...

We should all try to be someone's safe person. No one should ever feel like they have no one to talk to.

Our world needs to become aware of what mental health stigma is.

This website is a resource for anyone and everyone. It is strongly encouraged to visit all pages to ensure a well understanding of what surrounds mental health.

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